Our People

50 years training better people; improving our facilities; and listening to what people really want.

The staff at CHT take personal and professional pride in realising our shared Mission – to enhance the well-being of people in our care. A team of over 200 skilled individuals work hard to make sure that you are comfortable, respected and listened to.

We embrace Christian family values and hope that your family will join us in providing exceptional care for the valued older person in your life, through visiting, participating or even volunteering.

Aged Care is a people focused industry and at CHT we believe that every person in our team contributes directly to the provision of services and a lifestyle to each of our residents and clients. We take pride in the work that they do and the wonderful service they provide. Our people are the heart of our work.

Christine – Volunteer

“Christine’s association with CHT began in 2001 initially providing Pastoral Care to residents and staff. Over the years Christine’s involvement has evolved and today her voluntary work not only includes time spent with residents within our facilities but also serving on our Board and Committee’s. In 2021 Christine was named National ACSA Volunteer of the year. Christine says that at the heart of all she does it’s the people and the friendships she has made that are her motivation and reward.”.

Kathy, Care Co-ordinator (Snug Village)

“I’ve been here for nearly ten years. I like to be able to have a good relationship with long term residents and to help new people settle in. It is a really big life-changing experience, so I like to be there and help them during that time. It’s really special work that puts a smile on my face. Snug Village is a nice, new, local facility that has lots of local people living and working here. There’s a lot of care and knowledge here”.

CHT is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the Members of the Company.

Our Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer - Glenn Hardwick

Executive Manager People and Culture - Julie Manning

Executive Manager Care Services - Janine Fyfe

Executive Manager Community Services- Leanne Nugent

Our Leadership Team

Manager Hawthorn Village - Fadzai Munyenyiwa

Manager Snug Village - Denise Oates

Manager Health Care - Shona Manning

Manager Property & Compliance - Shelly Gleeson

Accountant - Robert Groom

Manager Quality - Belinda Snooks

Chaplain - Martin Howell

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